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Life Support
Professional singer for fifteen years. Regarded in mid-Michigan as one of the finest female vocalists. Her range is simply tremendous. She is able to capture the feel of Patsy Cline, to Pat Benatar and Celine Dion; and she seems to know the words to EVERY SONG!

Who Are We?

Life Support has been a performing unit for fifteen years, with over 140 years of combined performing experience. The key members of the band consists of Nikki Fowler on lead vocals, Ricky Nalett on keyboards and vocals, Bob Giunta on guitar and vocals, and Donny Brown on drums and vocals. And on special request, our fifth member of Life Support, Bronnie Brown.

Life Support was one of the premiere bands at “The Beer Barrel” in Put-In-Bay for several years. We are one of the top requested bands on Mackinac Island for performing wedding receptions. Life Support is much more than your typical “bar band”. We have a unique ability to perform anything from jazz standards, classic rock, to songs from recent artists.

If you want a talented band who pays attention to detail, you want Life Support !!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to providing you with the same high quality our clients have come to expect from us throughout the years.


What Does a Wedding Reception With Life Support Include?

  • We are your Master of Ceremonies for your event from beginning to end, providing music from the moment your guests enter (either on CD, jazz trio, pianist).
  • Four sets of live entertainment and a wide variety of break music. A full six hour reception.
  • We will learn two songs that you select to make sure your reception is exactly what you want.
  • This is what we do. We are a very seasoned, professional band with exceptional talent at each instrument and with a very special lead vocalist, Nikki Fowler.
  • Life Support has been around for over fifteen years and we are not going anywhere, so rest assured that when you book us, we will be there!
  • Life Support specializes in corporate parties and wedding receptions and we perform from Mackinac Island to Put-In-Bay.
  • Life Support is not a “jam band”. We are the same members at every performance. Many bands hire who’s available to come play with them, so you might get a good band or…well…who knows.
  • Live Is Better! As much as the trend is to have a DJ, there is truly no comparison between having a band or a DJ. With the energy, response, and special touches a band brings, nothing is better than live music. In addition, we can incorporate more recent music on CD’s, so you don’t need to get a DJ!
  • Affordable! What you say? Well, when you are done decorating the hall and eating the cake, the one thing that people will always comment on down the road will be about the entertainment. This is why we feel we are your best wedding reception value and that in comparison, we are affordable.
  • Entertainment Options – Please ask us. We can provide music for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, etc. We can accommodate most musical situations with a pianist, vocalist, and/or a jazz trio and more.
Life Support

Thanks So Much

Thanks so much for playing at my 40th birthday party. Everyone had such an awesome time!! I heard so many comments about what a great job you did. I think everyone was so sad when the night ended and you had to wrap it up. Thanks to Ricky for taking the time to meet with us before the event to go over any concerns we had. Everyone was on time and dressed appropriately for the event. I would recommend Life Support for any upcoming function and would definitely hire all of you again! Thank you!!

The thing that has impressed me the most about Life Support is their spontaneity and flexibility. This was especially evident when they provided music at my March 2008 wedding reception when the band allowed a special guest to take center stage and perform - my 4-year-old cousin. The band did a wonderful job, despite not having any idea what this young budding star was trying to sing. It was a delightful experiment that far transcended the standard musical experience, creating one that guests at my reception would not soon forget. Life Support truly does it all!
Scott Rees
March, 2008