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We have six different CD’s to offer:

Your Choice – only $7.00!!!

  1. “Buy It, You’ll Like It”, which is Life Support before we had the name.
  2. “The Nikki & Ricky Christmas CD”
  3. Ricky Nalett “Vermillian Sunsets”
  4. Ricky Nalett “Healing Horizons”
  5. Ricky Nalett “Christmas Favorites”
  6. And our late drummer “Robert Bubba Grundner, Volume 1”

Please make checks payable to “L.A. Productions”. For shipping and handling, add $2.00.

healing horizons

“Healing Horizons” is the latest release from Ricky Nalett. This CD is 71 minutes long and was specifically designed for relaxation. For more on this CD and other works by Ricky Nalett, please go to www.healingpianomusic.com.

buy it youll like it

“Buy It, You’ll Like It” is the first recording that Nikki and Ricky recorded together.  It features 50/50 mix of original and covers.  This is Life Support before the name!

nikki&ricky Christmas

“Nikki & Ricky Christmas CD” contains many favorites and one original song “Searching For Christmas”.  This CD also has Bubba playing drums on a two of the songs!

vermillion sunsets

“Vermillion Sunsets” is the first solo piano recording by Ricky Nalett.  It features mostly original work but also includes songs like “Somewhere In Time”

Bubba vol1

“Robert Bubba Grundner, Volume 1 is from our late dear friend and drummer, Bob Grundner.  This CD contains songs from many of his bands spanning over 20 years!  A must have for anyone who knew and enjoyed Bubba’s talent!

If you our having trouble with your purchase, please contact our Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Upcoming Events
7:00 pm Life Support @ Reno's North
Life Support @ Reno's North
Jun 30 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Life Support @ Reno's North | Lansing | Michigan | United States
3:00 pm Life Support @ Meridian Celebrates 175 Years
Life Support @ Meridian Celebrates 175 Years
Jul 1 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Life Support @ Meridian Celebrates 175 Years | Meridian charter Township | Michigan | United States
Come join our Independence Day Celebration on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at Central Park North, Central Park drive, Farmer’s Market Pavilion and the Historical Village. We’re celebrating BIG for our 175th Anniversary starting with day[...]
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